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Your brand. Your story.

If you're considering launching your own clothing brand or are already underway, a customised package might just be the ideal solution. I provide various package options meticulously designed to cater to the unique requirements of each client.


These packages encompass everything from the complete design and production process for establishing your brand to more specific

project-oriented packages.

Design &


Fashion Photography

Where every detail is meticulously considered.

Our packages are organised and priced in two clear stages: the first stage focused on design and sampling, and the subsequent stage centred on production and logistics. Below, you will find a detailed breakdown of each phase of the process, along with the services included in each standard package, before it is customised to meet your precise requirements.

Part 1: Design & Sampling

Brand Analysis & Forecasting

  • Brand analysis

  • Create a brand identity

  • Logo design

  • Trend forecast analysis

  • Mood boards

  • Colour palette analysis

Sample Preperation

  • Finalised CAD designs

  • Fabrics agreed

  • Finalised tech packs

  • Grading files

  • Artwork files

  • Supplier liaison for costings & factory contacts

  • Margin Analysis

  • Critical Path

Product Design

  • Product designs created in CAD

  • Product design reviews, until you approve!

  • Trim, branding & hardware design

  • Packaging Design

  • Fabric sourcing

Sample Requests

  • Supplier liaison

  • Price negotiation

  • Samples ordered

  • Samples reviewed

  • Margin analysis of approved products

  • Purchase orders

  • Size breakdowns

  • SKU & barcode creation

Part 2: Production & Logistcs

Factory Approvals

  • Approving bulk fabric samples

  • Approving print samples

  • Approving lab dips

  • Approving all branding, trims & hardware

Freight & Distribution

  • Supplier Liaison

  • Multiple freight quotes, ensuring best price

  • Critical path review, to monitor delivery times

  • Full monitored delivery into your warehouse

  • Forwarding contacts

Sample Sign Off

  • Full product QC off production line

  • Full set of photoshoot Samples, also QC'd

  • All production approvals

  • Packing requirements & approvals


  • E-com shoot assistance

  • Campaign shoot assistance

  • Size guides made for each product, for your website

  • Product descriptions, for your website

  • 3PL contacts

  • Social ad's contacts

  • Website builder contacts


Packages are costed on a monthly retainer basis and tailored to your specific project needs. Payments can be spread out based on your project timeline and adjusted to fit your business. Book a consultation to find out more about my Design & Production packages!


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