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Building foundations

With a solid 7-year background in the fashion industry, encompassing roles within established brands and aiding founders in building their own, I possess an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of brand establishment. Having contributed to steering a brand to an impressive £30 million in lifetime sales, I've amassed valuable insights from past mistakes and have developed effective systems.


Whether you're already immersed in the business world or taking the first steps, my consultancy services can provide the friendly assistance you require. I'm dedicated to collaborating with each client, pushing their business for sustainable growth. Most importantly, I'm here to support you every step of the way.


The nitty gritty...

In recognising the specific areas of your business that may require more focused attention, it's crucial to thoroughly examine every aspect to gain a comprehensive understanding of potential bottlenecks as well as the areas where your business is flourishing.



Consider the products you're marketing and endorsing. While creating and manufacturing a product can involve significant investment, its success hinges on its appeal to the target audience. We will assess your product offerings, evaluate how potential customers perceive them, and explore alternative strategies to enhance sales. Or, perhaps managing excessive sales and inventory has become a challenge? I understand that maintaining a healthy cash flow is imperative when launching a new business. Let's devise a plan to ensure a steady inflow and outflow of stock, facilitating consistent cash flow growth.


Brand Analysis

Now, let's take a holistic view of your brand. This includes examining your brand name, logo, color scheme, and how these elements will resonate with your intended audience. This phase of the process is closely intertwined with both your product and marketing efforts, as all three components work together to drive revenue.

We'll also examine your brand's values and consider how these can be effectively communicated to potential customers, whether they're browsing your website or engaging on social media. Are these platforms effectively carrying out the tasks they're meant to accomplish?


Marketing & Social Media

"The devil works hard, but social media works harder." It's no secret that a solid financial foundation is often seen as crucial for success in today's market. However, it's entirely possible to make significant strides even on a tight budget. Let's assess your current marketing strategies, examine your future plans, and gain a comprehensive understanding of how we can make enhancements and expand your marketing efforts while adhering to your budget constraints.


Website Functionality

I hate to deliver bad news, but investing £10,000 or more in the construction of a Shopify website unfortunately doesn't guarantee it's success. Many founders tend to prioritise aesthetic over functionality - as understandably you want everything to look perfect from the beginning. However, it's really important your website is built for both aesthetic and functionality. While it's not ideal to constantly make alterations, I know effective ways to incorporate functionality into your website without breaking the bank!


Cashflow & Expenses

Delving into cash flow and scrutinising the inflow and outflow of business expenses isn't typically enjoyable for any founder, but it's crucial in identifying potential cost-cutting measures and necessary expenditures. This is important whether your brand's sales are sluggish or rapidly increasing. Establishing a successful business necessitates a strong foundation, considerable time, and persistence, along with the understanding that every penny must be reinvested to facilitate sustained growth. Looking at cashflow doesn't need to be so daunting. 



Assessing the priorities you've been addressing compared to the aspects of the business you may have overlooked will provide valuable insights into our primary areas of focus, in conjunction with the other aspects discussed earlier. This critical evaluation will enable us to craft a well-defined 6-12 month plan designed to propel your business forward. Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, it's important not to be too hard on yourself, expecting your business to transform overnight. With patience and thoughtful consideration, you'll gradually begin to witness the positive changes taking shape.

Whilst we're working together, you'll always have...

A clear direction

24/7 Support

Factory and
business contacts

A better understanding of your
data and brand metrics

A structured 6 month plan
with sales targets

Cashflow management
and where to cut/increase
your outgoings


Brand consultancy packages are usually costed as a monthly retainer, depending on the size and scope of the project. Get in touch, and I can discuss your project and tailor a quote to accomplish your exact needs.


I'd love to hear from you

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